Friday, August 29, 2014

The Eternal Court

The Eternal Court preserves the tenets of the Order of the Eternal Column, an ancient order formed by the goliaths' alliance with the humans upon the founding of Diamond City.  The Order of the Eternal Column has been the ruling order in the city for most of its history, but with the ascendance of Duchess Hazel, they now scheme from their opposing position.

Viscount Cujo Buchierge
Level 18 Goliath Weaponsmaster
Eternal Column Viscount

Viscount Cujo, of the soldierly goliath House Buchierge, is one of the most authoritative and intimidating figures in Diamond City.  He has trained extensively in the goliath militia forces.  He steers the entire Noble Order of the Eternal Column behind Apelord Drumo, and could effectively make or break the Apelord’s bid for the duchy.  Viscount Cujo is a shrewd and experienced man, with large and wealthy noble houses backing him.  He leads an ancient order that has long held power in Diamond City, and he means to reclaim that power.  He is ambitious and reverent for the past.  He could vie for the duchy, but he knows he cannot best the Apelord in combat, should it come to that.  Thus he backs the Apelord and presides over the sprawling Order of the Eternal Column.

Councilor Stefakis Ancil
Level 12 Human Warlord
Eternal Column Councilor

Councilor Stefakis, of the regal goatonki human House Ancil, is a friend of Councilor Siavan of the Structured Society.  He is more concerned with the rising power of Peder Wellmaker than he is the Duchess.  He follows the lead of the Viscount on most issues, but fears Councilor Jed.  Stefakis is a backer of adventurers who keep the nearby countryside free from monsters and other threats.

Ambassador Iximil Kendo
Level 11 Githzerai Invoker
Eternal Column Ambassador

Lady Iximil, of the religious githzerai House Kendo, is a missionary of sorts for the Nine Rung Ladder Study.  She promotes the creation of temples in districts across the city, particularly in the neighboring Goliath districts.   Her responsibility to the Order of the Eternal Column is outreach to other orders, to gather support for the Column agenda.  Her focus is on working with the Noble Mercy Cabal to draw refugees from the Gracious Order of Accord and the Trade Conglomerate.

Lord Baltos Herado
Level 10 Aperusi Human Explorer

Lord Baltos of the aperusi human House Herado oversees the wild district of South Camilla.  His district is a collection of various spelljamming faction members from across the Pyrax System.  Lord Baltos is closely aligned with the Luminescent Caliphate, and wishes to see it secure control over Diamond City.

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