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The Diamond City Trade Conglomerate

The Diamond City Trade Conglomerate is a new faction born of the increasing power and wealth of two shadar-kai merchant houses, who were originally refugees from ravaged Courlark.  The shadar-kai leaders of the order gained the financial strength to force other commercially-based noble houses into alliances, creating a faction the other barons were effectively forced into.
The Trade Conglomerate supports the Duchess, and reaps the financial benefits.  Most government contracts go through them.  If cicircumstances were such that the arrangement was no longer profitable, I have no doubt that the support would vanish.

Behgtau Mercantilium

Leading the Trade Conglomerate is the Behgtau Mercantilium, an alliance of three very wealthy noble houses.  Two of these are the previously mentioned shadar-kai merchant houses, and the third is the ancient ruling family of the githyanki.

Officer Kong Tsentsou
Level 18 Shadar-kai Psion
Behgtau Grand Officer

Officer Kong, of the powerful and wealthy Courlark merchant House Tsentsou, is a force to be reckoned with in Diamond City.  He has influence over just about every commercial transaction that takes place in the city, although his influence in the black market is minimal.  Officer Kong is a tall, thin man who is always well dressed.  He is generally accompanied by his retinue of bodyguards, although more often than not he operates through proxies.  Officer Kong has a severly inflated ego, and considers himself the true power of Diamond City.  In combat he dares not challenge the city’s most powerful barons, but the influence he wields means he generally gets his way.  House Tsentsou is made up of followers of the Self-Bound Path.

Councillor Gazigo Fu
Level 14 Shadar-kai Monk
Trade Conglomerate Councillor

Councillor Gazigo, of the wealthy shadar-kai merchant House Fu, represents the Diamond City Trade Conglomerate on the Noble Council.  He is obviously a close confidante of Officer Kong.  The two noble houses of Fu and Tsentsou have long operated in concert.  House Fu is largely made up of practitioners of the Perfect Kali War technique.  Councillor Gazigo believes in the inherent superiority of the kali races (shadar-kai, deva, human, and kalashtar).  For this reason, he does not get along with the githyanki Lady Sherya, and believes that her house should not have been inducted into the Behgtau Mercantilium.  He tries to form ties with kali barons, and often rejects other races, at times jeopordizing his financial interests.  Gazigo is an ardent supporter of the Duchess.

Lady Sherya Oklica
Level 12 Githyanki Battlemind
Behgtau Vice Officer

Lady Sherya, of the ancient githyanki ruling House Oklica, is the representative of a dynasty of githyanki rulers from Courlark.  House Oklica was removed from power on the githyanki homeland of Courlark only forty years ago, when Courlark was attacked by the demons of the Tetrahedron.  Lady Sherya's father was the last king of the githyanki.  He was slain when Lady Sherya was a young child, and the surviving members of the ruling family fled to Diamond City.  The Oklica githyanki spent thousands of years fighting the undead in Courlark, and were rewarded with the granting of a barony.  The great wealth and prestige brought by the githyanki dynasty inspired the Tsentsou baron at the time to invite House Oklica into the Behgtau Mercantilium.  Many believe lady Sherya should be the new githyanki queen.  Lady Sherya commands a significant fleet  of spelljamming vessels. Despite Councillor Gazigo's misgivings, the githyanki's interplanetary trade brings a large amount of revenue to the Conglomerate.

Two other cabals make up the rest of the Diamond City Trade Conglomerate.  They are called Crystalteken and the Market Union.  Crystalteken consists of four barons who preside over the psionic creation of intelligent constructs, while the Market Union consists of seven barons who manage the market districts.  Their leaders are detailed below.

High Tekness Viva Madrox of Crystalteken
Level 15 Kalashtar Psion
Kalashtar High Tekness

High Tekness Lady Viva of the wealthy kalashtar House Madrox is the leader of the Kalashtar Assembly and the premier crystalworker of Diamond City.  She rules Crystalteken from a palace in the heart of the industrial center.  She is the sole titled baron of her cabal.  She is a very intelligent woman and recognizes the rising power of the shadar-kai.  Lady Viva is close with the Duchess and Executor Ferrix.

Councilor Staivis Niksten of the Market Union
Level 13 Kalashtar Ranger
Kalashtar Councilor

Councilor Staivis of the kalashtar House Niksten represents the interests of the kalashtar on the Noble Council, a position he was appointed to by the High Tekness.  He associates with the High Tekness and his fellow kalashtar councilors.  House Niksten is a militant mercenary house that pioneered the alliance between the kalashtar and the goliaths.  Councilor Staivis is the only titled member of a large but inexperienced Market Union.

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