Monday, January 4, 2016

The first official issue of the Diamond City Dispatch webzine for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is now available here.

Diamond City Dispatch #1 explores the expansive Noble State of Alam and its capitol, Diamond City.  We also get a look at the races occupying Diamond City, such as the telepathic lashunta, kureshim, xeph, and others.  This issue breaks down the history of Alam and some of the major wars of the planet.  This material will build a foundation upon which an in depth campaign will be built.  I will continue to create NPCs detailing the barons of Diamonds City, and scenes and adventures that can be played in the setting.  We will also be exploring the Astral Dream, and perhaps creating some new rules for adventuring in the land of dreams.

The campaign setting has changed signifcantly for the new version.  In 4e Diamond City, the entire solar system was large and accessible.  The new vision is largely a new campaign entirely, focusing on a single planet and the use of psionics.  Nothing in this blog posted in 2015 or earlier is considered canon.  Many elements of this blog will be translated to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game for the new Diamond City Dispatch periodical..  2016 starts a new storyline for a new game system.

A lot of my new material will be dedicated to the actual zine, but some of it I will share here on the blog, as well as, if time permits, add a few special bits to the blog.  If there is anything you would like more information on, please let me know.

I certainly welcome reviews on the various RPG-based websites, particularly if you find this supplement entertaining and useful.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Kinder of the Sky

After the arrival of the Kali Empire, it was still many years before natives from within the Pyrax System began to make their way through space.  The eladrin of Arboria were early adopters of the kali arcane spelljamming technology.  The eladrin Court of Stars began the ancient Pyraxi Alliance among the kingdoms of the neighboring planets of Arcadia and Elysium, and began settlements on these planets.  Over many years, the eladrin of Arcadia became known as elves, and the eladrin of Elysium became the drow.  Eventually the drow turned to the evil of the Tetrahedron, but that is a tale for another day.

While the elves have only reticently embraced space travel, the spacefaring eladrin and drow have long had a presence in Diamond City.  The arcane order they created ages ago was called the Fireseed Circle.  Only one drow remains a baron in the city; many other races and classes now fill the ranks of the order.  The Fireseed Circle has never held power in the city, but some say its time is at hand.  The Circle grows slowly over time, but now has some of the most powerful figures of the city at its helm.  Chief among them is the elusive Hummingbird Baron and his cabal, the Kinder of the Sky.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Luminous Caliphate

Aside from the evil Scourge of the Stars, the second largest force in the solar system is the Luminous Caliphate.  This massive organization is ruled from the elemental planet Pandemonium by the Luminous Caliph Mual-Tar.

The Luminous Caliphate was formed ages ago, as a result of the planet Pandemonium's proximity to Limbo and the Tetrahedron.  As the demonic forces of the Tetrahedron began to invade and conquer Pandemonium, the leader and most powerful of the Nine Immortals, Archomen, claimed stewardship over the tempestuous planet.  Even with his assistance, the massive planet continued to fall bit by bit into the hands of the demons.  When all seemed lost, Archomen divided himself into seven elemental lords that would protect the vast and various lands of that planet.  Each of the elemental lords claimed rulership of a different aspect of Pandemonium.  This division of his power into multiple forms turned the tide of the war, and drove most of the surviving demons into hiding or retreat.  Unfortunately, the process of splitting himself into component beings caused radical flaws in the new elemental lords.  These new beings are not as noble, humble, or selfless as Archomen.  Over time, the powerful elemental lords began to make war with each other, until the armies of the storm lord Mual-Tar proved victorious.  He established an interplanetary Caliphate, naming himself the Luminous Caliph. His subordinate lords on Pandemonium he named the Elemental Sultanate.  He proceeded to enact a plan to unite the solar system under his banner, in the name of defeating once and for all the various invading forces of the Tetrahedron and the Scourge of the Stars.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Under the Skyport Part 1: Dueling Pixies

Under the Skyport is an adventure for Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition.  It is designed for a starting party of three to five 1st level player characters (PCs) .  If there are more or less PCs simply adjust the number of opponents as needed.

The PCs begin play having only recently been hired by a newly formed detective agency in Five Fingers, a neighborhood in South Gonga District, Diamond City.  The new agency is aptly named Five Fingers Agency.  Some PCs may be on their first day on the job, others might have been with the agency since it opened three months ago. 

The PC’s employer is an goliath male in his late 50s named Carnatine, who owns the agency.  None of the PCs know Carnatine particularly well, as he is often absent the office while pursuing his political interests.  He says he used to be an adventurer who has retired into management.  Money always seems to be an issue for Carnatine, and he isn’t motivated to put any resources toward the missions of his agency.  He often espouses communist economic ideas that run counter to the common practice in the city, and belongs to a local organization that discusses and promotes these ideas.  Carnatine doesn’t play a part in this adventure, but he will become more prominent in the future, so you should be able to describe him briefly to the players if they ask about the agency. 

The agency’s latest client, Glitterbug, is a pixie warlock in oath-bound service to the hummingbird baron, Peder Starfly.  She has light brown skin and wears rollerskates, although the PCs never see her set foot on the ground.  While one of the PCs (chosen at random) is standing outside on a warm summer evening, she approaches the agency with a chicken on the end of a leash.  It is unclear who is leading whom. 

Glitterbug ties the chicken to a post outside the agency, and enters.  If you think your players would enjoy a bit of opening scene zanity, Glitterbug can bring the chicken inside, where it escapes the fairy and runs amuck in the lobby.  She yells at the bird (named Sandwich) until it the PCs catch it.  Glitterbug bought Sandwich that morning to take home and slaughter for an actual sandwich, but she grew attached and has been taking the chicken around with her all day.  She promised the chicken that she would free it in the countryside, but first she wants to show it a good time out on the town.  Eventually she ties the chicken up outside and proceeds.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Mapping the Fight Pit

I'm creating an original Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition adventure tentatively called Under the Skyport.  The first major battle sequence takes place in an illegal monster fighting pit in Diamond City.  I just finished the map for level 1, and I'm thrilled with the results.  It's drawn by hand and colored in Photoshop.  Expect more maps and keyed encounters as I assemble the story of the Five Fingers Agency and their discoveries under the skyport.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Nine-Tongued Worm

The greatest threat to spelljammers, and indeed to every living creature in the Pyrax System, is the collection of aberrant monstrosities collectively referred to as the Scourge of the Stars.  The largest groups within the Scourge are the Illithiad and the Host Abolethic, but at the apex of the Scourge sits one powerful being: Mak Thuum Ngatha, the Nine-Tongued Worm.  Little is known of this creature, but that it is revered as a deity by the mind flayers and the aboleths.  It believed to reside on the surface of the alien planet Atropus, but often roams the solar system inside a massive meteoric vessel, attended by aboleths, mind flayers, and many other aberrant creatures.

Note: This monster stat block borrows powers from Vecna, who does not exist in the Pyrax System.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Eternal Court

The Eternal Court preserves the tenets of the Order of the Eternal Column, an ancient order formed by the goliaths' alliance with the humans upon the founding of Diamond City.  The Order of the Eternal Column has been the ruling order in the city for most of its history, but with the ascendance of Duchess Hazel, they now scheme from their opposing position.

Viscount Cujo Buchierge
Level 18 Goliath Weaponsmaster
Eternal Column Viscount

Viscount Cujo, of the soldierly goliath House Buchierge, is one of the most authoritative and intimidating figures in Diamond City.  He has trained extensively in the goliath militia forces.  He steers the entire Noble Order of the Eternal Column behind Apelord Drumo, and could effectively make or break the Apelord’s bid for the duchy.  Viscount Cujo is a shrewd and experienced man, with large and wealthy noble houses backing him.  He leads an ancient order that has long held power in Diamond City, and he means to reclaim that power.  He is ambitious and reverent for the past.  He could vie for the duchy, but he knows he cannot best the Apelord in combat, should it come to that.  Thus he backs the Apelord and presides over the sprawling Order of the Eternal Column.