About Diamond City Dispatch

In  this blog, I will be exploring my campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons.  The setting is designed for the Fourth Edition version of the game, but is usable with any edition.

Many elements of my campaign setting will be familiar to D&D players, such as the character races, classes, and many of the monsters.  However, the storyline is largely unique. I am taking a few bits and pieces of established Dungeons and Dragons lore and mixing them up wih my own vision of an exciting and comprehensive campaign setting.

One of my goals is to bring back some monsters and concepts from previous editions of the game (particularly Second Edition), find a niche for them in my own setting, and update them to the Fourth Edition rules.  Of particular interest to me are the Spelljammer and Planescape campaign settings, also some elements of Ravenloft and Dark Sun will feature prominently.  I am deliberately leaving Forgotten Realms and Eberron out of my own setting; these worlds are well-developed already and harder to disassociate from their existing cosmologies.  I might, however, use monsters unique to these settings and find them a home in the Pyrax system.  In particular, although i don't intend to use any story elements trom either setting, some concepts and creatures of the Maztica and Kara-Tur settings will be adopted into the Pyrax System.

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