Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pyrax System

Good day honorable sir, gentle lady, or enigmatic genderless being.

The diamond you hold in your hand or other appendage contains the first issue of the stupendous new source of far-flung information, the Diamond City Dispatch.  Through the application of powerful psionics, this loregem shall be periodically infused with additional information for your general perusal.
My name is Snake Feather, and I am a well-traveled lizardman of unyielding curiosity. I will be your host as we explore some of our solar system's amazing locations and the peoples therein, from the most nauseating corners of the abyss to the gentle homesteads of the outlands.  A special focus will be given to the people of Diamond City, a fantastic metropolis on the lone moon of Theta and the place I call my home.