Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Undying Seal

The Undying Seal is a fractured cabal representing an ideal of the past.  When the cabal was created several hundred years ago, the human, dwarven, and halfling barons were all grouped together in one cabal, as they represented the poor immigrant districts.  The noble houses of the cabal were all close allies.  Now, Thetan races are more integrated, and the cabal has lost its purpose.  The three human houses of the Undying Seal have been absorbed into the Ducal Agency; now only the dwarf and halfling houses remain.

With the Midnight Cabal in leadership of the city, the duties of managing the Gracious Order of Accord fall to the remaining houses of the Undying Seal.  In a way, the positions of Order Executor and Order Councilor mean little, as they cannot truly claim authority over the Noble Cabinet, and Margrave Chiltsa keeps the Cliffside Cabal under his thumb.

Executor Ferrix Bogo
Level 13 Halfling Bard
Gracious Order Executor

 Executor Ferrix of the occultist halfling House Bogo is fairly inexperienced for the leader of a major order.  It is largely a regency, since Duchess Hazel is the true leader of the Order, and all of the strongest order members have other titles.  The more powerful members of the Undying Seal are humans, and Duchess Hazel wanted Ferrix to rule the order, so she made those humans into Ducal Agents to clear the way.  Executor Ferrix has the confidence and backing of the Duchess.  Ferrix stuggles to keep the traditional ideals of the Gracious Order of Accord alive, while criminal elements operate within it.  He knows that without the Cliffside Cabal the order would be significantly weaker, and probably unable to prop up the Duchess.  He also does not dare oppose Margrave Chiltsa.

Councilor Hingol Scriff
Level 12 Dwarf Warpriest
Gracious Order Councilor

Councilor Hingol of the dwarven House Scriff is obviously quite close with Executor Ferrix.  He is a strong voice for the Duchess on the Noble Council.  He is friendly with Councilors Staivis and Stripe, but resents Stripe’s disregard for the law.  Councilor Hingol strongly believes in the ideals of the cabal, and is in the process of building an alliance with the warforged of the Anguilian Trust.

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