Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Structured Society

The Structured Society is a cabal for the leadership of the goliaths of Diamond City.  Its members lead wealthy and entrenched goliath noble houses through their complex social traditions and heirarchies.  Among the multitudes of goliath commoners in Diamond City, nobility of the Stuctured Society are treated like celebrities, and gentry of the order are respected leaders in their areas of authority.

Members of the Structured Society cabal are also members of the Noble Order of the Eternal Column, an ancient order that currently opposes the ruling Gracious Order of Accord.

Apelord Drumo Guthaga
Level 21 Goliath Warlord

Apelord Drumo, of the goliath House Guthaga, is a gregarious, outgoing leader who manages the white apes of the city and its other trained beasts.  He follows the peculiar protocols of the goliath militia.  He is seeking the duchy, and his supporters on the Noble Council push for a vote.  Drumo has close ties with the apelords of the mountains.  He is mildly overweight, but still excels in combat.  Two praetorian white ape warriors accompany him everywhere.  Lord Drumo is a charismatic leader who smiles often and has gained the trust of most goliaths in the City.

Weaponslord Droland Evurga
Level 19 Goliath Weaponsmaster

Weaponslord Droland, of the militant goliath House Evurga, is the leader of the Crescent, the resource-rich militia forces of the goliaths.  The Weaponslord supports Apelord Drumo in his bid to be Duke.  The two work closely with each other to maintain the goliath forces, a significant faction within the city's defenses.  The training and mustering grounds of the militia are in the Weaponlord's district of Riverside.  The militia is closely observed by the Ducal Agents and the Grand Countess.  Droland hates Grand Countess Silvias and all warforged, and resents her position in the cabinet.

Coinslord Gringis Heither
Level 17 Goliath Cavalier

Coinslord Gringis, of the prominent, wealthy goliath House Heither, is in charge of the largest bank in Diamond City.  House Heither opposes the Beghtau Mercantilium, but has been mostly outmaneuvered by the githyanki.  Gringis is short, and has a mane of grey dreadlocks.  He keeps close personal and financial ties with the Church of Bahamut.

Councilor Siavan Kargio
Level 16 Goliath Slayer

Councilor Siavan, of the goliath House Kargio, represents the interests of the goliaths on the Noble Council and is a strong opponent of the Duchess.  Siavan manages the goliaths' spies and other subtle agents.  He is secretly addicted to drugs.  Councilor Siavan is very close with the Apelord, and promotes theories about the Duchess working with demons to gain her power.

Fieldslady Lorrie Adorgu
Level 10 Goliath Knight

Lady Lorri, of the goliath House Adorgu, is responsible for maintaining good relations with the goliaths outside the city.  House Adorgu is not as urbane as some of the other noble houses.  Fieldslady Lorri and her gentry often roam the countryside to conduct battle with demonic forces across Alam, and her ways are less refined than many other barons, particularly among the regal Structured Society.

Loremaser Gorgan Burch
Level 5 Goliath Warlord
Goliath Ledge
Young Lord Gorgan, of the goliath house Burch, has the honor of being the goliath Loremaster.  His house is the storehouse of all goliath lore. The greatest academies, architectural and construction firms, libraries, and oracles are managed by his house.

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