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The Kinder of the Sky

After the arrival of the Kali Empire, it was still many years before natives from within the Pyrax System began to make their way through space.  The eladrin of Arboria were early adopters of the kali arcane spelljamming technology.  The eladrin Court of Stars began the ancient Pyraxi Alliance among the kingdoms of the neighboring planets of Arcadia and Elysium, and began settlements on these planets.  Over many years, the eladrin of Arcadia became known as elves, and the eladrin of Elysium became the drow.  Eventually the drow turned to the evil of the Tetrahedron, but that is a tale for another day.

While the elves have only reticently embraced space travel, the spacefaring eladrin and drow have long had a presence in Diamond City.  The arcane order they created ages ago was called the Fireseed Circle.  Only one drow remains a baron in the city; many other races and classes now fill the ranks of the order.  The Fireseed Circle has never held power in the city, but some say its time is at hand.  The Circle grows slowly over time, but now has some of the most powerful figures of the city at its helm.  Chief among them is the elusive Hummingbird Baron and his cabal, the Kinder of the Sky.

Ascendant Master Peder Starfly (the Hummingbird Baron)
Level 26 Hengeyokai Swarm Druid
Fireseed Circle Ascendant Master

Lord Peder is a fey shapeshifter known as a hengeyokai.  Like all fey, their race originates on the magical planet of Arboria.  Lord Peder is friendly to fey of all temperaments, although he prefers chaotic good creatures.

In hummingbird form, Peder has soft colors that shift across his surface.  As a swarm druid, at any time he can change into a swarm of multicolored hummingbirds. He has mastery over his swarm powers to such a degree that he can split himself into two, three or any number of hummingbirds up to about fifty, so long as all hummingbirds stay in a tight formation.  The single hummingbird and hummingbird swarm are Peder's preferred manifestations.

Peder can also adopt a hybrid form that takes the shape of a winged humanoid covered in tiny green feathers.  In this form Peder can fly very fast, nonetheless he rarely appears in it.

Finally, Peder can take the form of an aged eladrin.  There are a few powers he can only use while in this form, and many individuals find it much easier to interact with an eladrin than a hummingbird,  so he uses it fairly frequently.

Peder Starfly has been the leader of Fireseed Circle for more than thirty years.  He has spent most of that time fairly absent from city politics, preferring to travel the nearby countryside of Alam in hummingbird form.  In the past two years, he has once again become active in the city.  Driven by a vision he shares with none, Lord Peder is now seeking to win the Duchy from Hazel and take control of the city.  He has an army of supporters among the fey and others.

Lord Peder advocates the Noble State of Alam's entry into the Pyraxi Alliance, a position contrary to the Duchess' determination to remain an independent state.

Matron Balith Univae
Level 22 Drow Hunter
Pyraxi Margrave

Matron Balith is a deadly combatant who siezed the title of Pyraxi Margrave from Lady Kristen's father, Margrave Ginsor Louriel, in a duel to the death.  She is the only drow in the city, and is distrusted by many.  The Matron and three generations of her predecessors have disavowed the Lady of Lies, and as suchare considered traitors by the drow.  She has survived many assassination attempts.

The position of Pyraxi Margrave is an ancient one, a remnant of the Pyraxi Alliance's more imperial days.  Matron Balith speaks and votes with the authority of the Pyraxi Alliance, and is expected to promote their interests or be expelled from the March by the Astral Court.  She currently hold the court's favor, but her race's poor reputation weakens her position.

Councilor Kirstin Louriel
Level 18 Eladrin Witch, Fireseed Circle Councilor

Lady Kirsten has been the Fireseed Circle's representative on the Noble Council since her father died nearly fifty years ago, killed by Matron Balith.  Her heart is filled with a yearning for revenge, but it is stifled.  She knows her father agreed to the terms of the duel and that there was no duplicity on Matron Balith's part.  Thus she waits to challenge the Matron to the very same duel.

Councilor Kirsten was assigned to her position by Lord Peder.  The position was previously held by the Matron.  Of all the barons, Councilor Kirsten is the closest to Peder.

Lord Zig Eventree
Level 16 Elven Shapeshifter

Lord Zig has many connections with the elves of Arcadia. He loves good food and the finer things in life.  Athough he has associates among the Sensates, Lord Zig and his house are vigorously in support of the Pyraxi Alliance.

In his beast form, Lord Zig becomes a black panther with white markings around the eyes and tail.

Hummingbird painting by Dean Crouser.

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