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Cliffside Cabal

The Duchess and her cabal belong to the Gracious Order of Accord, and as such it is considered the ruling order.  The order was originally an ancient kalashtar psionic order.  It currently consists of three cabals: the Duchess' Midnight Cabal. the Cliffside Cabal detailed below, and the Undying Seal, to be described soon.

Cliffside Cabal

Cliffside is the northeastern-most portion of the city.  It is the section of the city closest to the mountains, and in that region the city is all built on steep hills and plateaus.  Most of the criminal elements of Diamond City reside in this district.  The barons of Cliffside Cabal are all crime lords, and their membership in the Gracious Order of Accord pushed that order into the ruling position it currently enjoys.  The strength of the crime lords is such that the cabal was able to gain a seat on the Noble Council, a situation that many other councillors wish to reverse.

Margrave Chiltsa Tikaloltok
Level 24 Githyanki Battlemind
Caliphate Margrave

By far the strongest crime lord in the city, Margrave Chiltsa of the small but powerful githyanki House Tikaloltok is a respected if little understood elder in the city.  He rules Cliffside from a vast labyrinthian palace. He has been in Diamond City since his small family first emigrated to Haestur and quickly acquired a barony through a classified service they performed for the Ducal Agents.  Margrave Chiltsa is a former Agent and a telekenetic warrior himself of the highest capacity. He is tall and thin, with a large sword and dark blue robes.  His animosity toward the githzerai is well known, and githzerai make themselves scarce in Cliffside.  Margrave Chiltsa’s power in combat is challenged only by Grand Countess Silvias herself.

Councilor Stripe Hingolix
Level 10 Kalashtar Thief
Caliphate Councilor

Councillor Stripe of the minor criminal kalashtar House Hingolix is the weakest of the fifteen Noble Councilors.  He is on the Noble Council solely through the machinations of Duchess Hazel.  He rules over a district of motley mercenaries.  Councilor Stripe has had a brief campaign battling orcs, but is nonetheless considered weak for a baron.  As a result he tries to keep in the constant presence of the other weaker Cliffside barons, including his lover Lady Ai Ting.   Of course, Councillor Stripe is concerned that Margrave Chiltsa may wish for the councilorship to belong to his Lady Ai Ting, who is also a Courlark refugee.  As such, he is very paranoid and keeps loyal bodyguards close at hand.  Unbeknownst to Councilor Stripe, he truly does have the protection of Margrave Chiltsa.

Lady Ai Ting Vou
Level 9 Shadar-kai Ranger
Gracious Order Lieutenant

Lady Ai Ting, of the tiny shadar-kai House Vou, is the lover and betrayer of Councilor Stripe.  She is just behind him in skill, and seeks to overtake him and take the councilorship from him.  She loved him slightly once, but that was long ago.  She seeks to work with Margrave Chiltsa to eliminate Stripe and increase the Courlarkan presence on the Noble Council, but the Margrave consistently disregards her hints.  Lady Ai Ting wears pale violet makeup, and her hair is dyed deep purple.

Lord Fugari Do
Level 7 Human Wildmind

Lord Fugari, of the small and comparatively weak human House Do, is a dark-skinned young goatonki whose father was killed by the rising tide of ghouls.  He uses his psionic control over emotions to impress the people around him.  He is attracted to Lady Ai Ting.  Lord Fugari is close friends with Lord Jui.

Lord Jui Ligvi
Level 6 Kenku scoundrel

The black feathered Lord Jui, of the kenku House Ligvi, is heavily involved in black market trade.  He is young; his mother was recently killed by a kracken while smuggling drugs into the city.  He does not get along with Lord Chiltsa, but the Cliffside Cabal was the only one that would have his great-grandfather.  He is friends with Lord Fugari.

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